We'll keep your priorities on track.

Prioritising your time and setting goals may seem simple, but are you really doing this effectively? Do you have trouble following through, or seeing your goals through to the end? How can you set goals and priorities that are effective, achievable, realistic and motivating?

This course will help you align your goals and priorities to the things you want to achieve. It will help you define what you actually want, and set motivating action plans and objectives to bring those goals into reach. Finally, it will allow you to see prioritising your time and tasks as an ever-evolving process – one that will keep you on track to all your dreams of success.

What does it cover?

  • How to define your goals and priorities – they may be different than you think
  • Setting goals that you will feel motivated to achieve
  • Measuring progress on the way to your goals
  • Organising your time and tasks – working smarter, not harder


  • Fast-paced and interactive – upskill in 1 hour or less
  • Certificate of Completion – celebrate your new skill
  • Learn at your own pace – anytime, anywhere

Setting Goals and Priorities

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